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“Death Polka”
A Film by Michael Pfeifenberger and Stephan Demmelbauer

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Future in the Past.
In our country, the far right has taken over. Their charismatic leader sieglinde fuehrer has become chancellor on the platform of a strict law & order policy. Eu-membership belongs to the past. The Euro has been abolished, the schilling is reintroduced.
In spite of a climate of hate & intolerance towards minorities two medicine students, one of them coloured, still feel safe. 'If you behave yourself, you won't get in trouble', they believe. But soon, they are to be proven wrong.
It's the night of the big TV-Polkashow, with the populist chancellor Sieglinde Fuehrer as special guest star, where she reiterates her message of hate and intolerance.
The long distance effect of political acting awakes the lowest human instincts.
In a quiet suburban area amongst law- abiding citizens, the horror begins ...

Todespolka is inspired by the political situation in Austria.

Genre: Polit-Horror-Drama
81 min./35 mm